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    Leave only footprints.

Responsible Tourism: The Future of Travel

Travelers today are eager to experience vacations that not only awaken their spirit of adventure, but also fulfill their mission to leave only footprints, empower indigenous communities, create sustainable means of income and ultimately create a positive impact. Countless businesses, social entrepreneurs and activators are working to bring this vision to life. From ethically made products to responsible trekking to environmentally friendly lodging, there are many avenues which conscious tourists can take.
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Backpacking New Zealand’s Heaphy Track

Entering such a phenomenal country known for the stunning landscapes highlighted throughout an array of movies, include The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, you will need to venture out into the backcountry to fully appreciate everything this place has to offer. New Zealand’s stunning Great Walks create a perfect dive into the […]

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Visiting a Mosque for the First Time

I didn’t know what to expect visiting a mosque. Despite hitting countless temples throughout Asia, suffering from temple fatigue at times, the thought of visiting a mosque intimidated me slightly. I didn’t know what to expect or rules for tourists.   What do I wear? Am I even allowed to visit? What if I don’t […]

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Cultural Significance of Removing Your Shoes in Asia

I made a major cultural mistake early on in my Asia adventure. It was in Thailand and I started blazing across the foyer to the reception desk in our small off the beaten path lodging. It had been a long day and I was more than ready to claim my room and curl up for […]

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Exploring Seoraksan National Park in South Korea

Tucked in the northeastern side of the country, Seorakaksan National Park creates a fairy tale like experience. For hikers, you can climb these steep pinnacles to gaze upon a stunning array of peaks scraping through the clouds. We also encountered dedicated rock climbing groups.   To get a play by play on hiking trails, check […]

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Baby Mustard Cooking Class in Hoi An, Vietnam

Tucked behind a sea of meandering rice fields you’ll encounter the small charming Baby Mustard Restaurant and Cooking School created and run by charming Nguyet. While off the beaten path, discovered by many via bike adventures, this intimate venue creates a delightful cultural debut into Vietnamese cuisine specific to the middle region of the country. […]

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