Best Lenses for Bird Photography You Can Buy in 2020

Best Lenses for Bird Photography

When you’re staying at home as much as possible, you can soon run out of things to shoot. After all, there’s a limit to the number of family portraits, bowls of fruit and vases of flowers you can photograph before your creative mojo starts to diminish. But step outside and, if you’re lucky enough to … Read more Best Lenses for Bird Photography You Can Buy in 2020

Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags For Backpacking Reviews 2020

Don’t plan your next trip without these best lightweight sleeping bags for backpacking 2020. We’ve reviewed 8 of the top rated sleeping bags for camping reviews. Warm, lightweight, compact, and compressible below are the year’s top rated sleeping bags for hiking. Nothing beats a night in the great outdoors – provided you’ve got a trusty … Read more Best Lightweight Sleeping Bags For Backpacking Reviews 2020

Cultural Significance of Removing Your Shoes in Asia

I made a major cultural mistake early on in my Asia adventure. It was in Thailand and I started blazing across the foyer to the reception desk in our small off the beaten path lodging. It had been a long day and I was more than ready to claim my room and curl up for a long night sleep. A bustling grandmother behind the counter quickly came running to block my path, utterly in shock at my onset.

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Green & Eco-Friendly Tips for Travelers

Traversing the world brings about a challenge when looking to keep your environmental impact to a minimum. Luckily travelers across the continents are committed to keeping that carbon foot down while still seeing the sights, connecting with different cultures and broadening their horizons. I’ve connected with half a dozen travelers who, like yourself, want to pursue a more Eco-friendly approach to travel. Here are their green and Eco-friendly tips for travelers.

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Backpacking New Zealand’s Heaphy Track

Entering such a phenomenal country known for the stunning landscapes highlighted throughout an array of movies, include The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, you will need to venture out into the backcountry to fully appreciate everything this place has to offer. New Zealand’s stunning Great Walks create a perfect dive into the heart of the country’s most dynamic scenery. These well-maintained trails speckled with mostly newly updated huts highlight the diverse backdrops that make New Zealand so appealing to travelers all over the world. We had the incredible opportunity to go backpacking New Zealand’s Heaphy Track. If you’ve been considering it, or any of the great walks, this post is for you. That or if you just like photos of amazing places.

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